Category Descriptions

Each resource in this directory is assigned to one or more of the following categories.

Adjustment to Disability

This category includes support groups, professional counseling, low vision evaluators and centers and organizations assisting individuals to confront the physical, psychological, social and functional challenges and adaptations associated with disability.

Sub Categories include: Counseling, Professional; Support Groups, Peer; Independent Living Centers Across Disability; Centers for the Blind; Centers for the Deaf-Blind; Low Vision Evaluations.

Advocacy & Consumer Protection

This category lists agencies and organizations that may provide one or more of the following services; information and referral, individual or group skills training and or individual and system advocacy as it relates to the interests, desires, needs and rights of an individual or individuals within a local, state and or national community in order to promote positive system changes.

Sub Categories include: Organizations of and for the Blind; Organizations of and for the Deaf-Blind; Parent Groups (of children with disability); Client Assistance Program; Local and Federal ADA Offices; Public Interest Disability Law; Councils, Boards and Commissions.

Arts & Entertainment, Accessible

This category identifies events and venues with Audio Description (AD) for people who are blind or have low vision, American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting for people who are deaf, Captioning for people who are hard of hearing, other accommodations, or events involving artists with disabilities or disability-related topics.

Sub Categories include: Venues with Captioning; Venues with Described Video; Programs for Target Audience; Descriptive Video Information.

Audio, Braille & Large Print, Alternative Media

This category lists resources for books and or documents provided in audio, braille and large print format as well as transcription services and alternative media best practices guidelines.

Sub Categories include: Publications for Distribution (Talking Books); Alternative Media Textbook Producers; Braille Transcription Services; Best Practices, Standards & Guidelines.

Education Resources

This category lists disability education and support resources from early education to lifelong learning opportunities.

Sub Categories include: Infant and Preschool Programs; Elementary and Secondary School Programs; State Deaf-Blind Project; Transition Services; Department of Education; College Disability Resource Centers; Continuing Education.


This category lists access to training, employment supports, job search improvement, employment and entrepreneurial development opportunities resources for people with disabilities.

Sub Categories include: Skill Building; Job Search; Self-Employment.

Financial Aid

This category lists scholarships, grants, loans and social safety net programs available to persons who are disabled as well as tax preparation assistants programs.

Sub Categories include: Scholarships, Grants and Loans; Social Security Administration; Tax Preparation.

Independent Living (IL)

This category lists resources for acquiring independent living skills, adaptive skills people with disabilities use to become more independent. These could include maintaining one’s household, preparing nutritious meals, doing laundry, maintaining good personal health, using available transportation options, personal care and grooming, practicing appropriate socialization and self-advocacy skills.

Sub Categories include: Vocational Rehabilitation Independent Living Services; Itinerant & Day Based Programs; Residential Programs; Independent Living Centers.

Membership Organizations

Organizations listed in this category represent both consumers who are disabled and individuals providing disability services. Membership benefits may include information sharing, peer learning and support opportunities, networking opportunities through active involvement and advocacy for social and system change to benefit people with disabilities.

Sub Categories include: Consumer; Provider.

Products for Daily Living & Accessibility

This category lists providers of a wide range of products which may include magnifiers, screen readers, talking watches and other talking products, canes and other merchandise designed for people with sensory and other disabilities.

Professional Training Programs

This category provides information on professional training programs in rehabilitation, teaching and support specialties serving people with sensory disabilities.

Sub Categories include: Rehabilitation Teacher; Rehabilitation Councilor; Teachers of the Blind; Teachers of the Deaf-Blind; Orientation & Mobility Instructor; Assistive Technology Instructor; American Sign Language (ASL); Occupational Therapists.

Recreation & Social Activities

This category includes opportunities for indoor and outdoor social recreation and sport activities specifically organized for participation by people with disabilities.

Sub Categories include: Sports; Fitness; Outdoor Activities; Games.

Service Animals

This category provides links to service animal providers and user groups as well as public accommodation guidelines, laws and enforcement agencies.

Sub Categories include: Guide Dog Schools; ADA Service Animal Guidelines; Veteran Providers; Self-Trainer Schools; Membership Groups.

Services for an Aging Population

This category provides information on human services promoting the well-being of older individuals, starting at 55 to 60 years of age, designed to help them live independently in their homes and communities.

Sub Categories include: Area Agencies; Older Blind; Support Groups.

Statistical Research

This category provides links to research and data that generates new knowledge about the efficacy of rehabilitation services, technology and practices used to support improved employment, social inclusion and independent living outcomes for people who are blind/visually impaired (BVI) or BVI with additional disabilities.

Support Services

This category provides information on American Sign Language interpreters, personal assistance, technology training and community services, which support the full inclusion of people with sensory disabilities.

Sub Categories include: American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters; Personal Assistants; Assistive Technology Trainers; Support Service Providers.


This category provides information on adaptive technology resources including training, tutorials and software and hardware suppliers.

Sub Categories include: Training; Resources; Suppliers.

Telephone, Radio and Web News & Views

This category includes information on telephone, radio and web based news entertainment, and social media programming specifically intended for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Sub Categories include: Radio Reading Service; Telephone News Service; Web Radio; Web Chat; Internet Resources.

Transportation Resources, Public

This category is a resource for providing public and volunteer community travel options for people who are blind and or otherwise disabled.

Sub Categories include: Local Paratransit Services; Local Fixed Route Systems.

Veteran Services

Provides information to services offered to veterans through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and others.

Sub Categories include: VA Federal; VA Services Local; Employment Services; Membership Groups.